Daydream63 Daydream63 9 November 2019

Are we living?

I recently got back into these Fandom Wikis and am considering making at least one or two of my own for my own projects that a friend and I are working on. Though when I was looking at my history here on fandom wiki, I refound this one! One of my very first fandom wikis AND one of the very first places I posted an Oc of mine outside of the now-closed down Quizilla and my deviantART.

So... How is everyone?! =)

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Daydream63 Daydream63 9 February 2014


Oh wow!! It's been 2-years since I've been here!! And I still have the one Oc page! Kind of weird, but I'll get on a couple others soon~! I've really enjoyed my time on here! I've seen a ton of great Monsuno Ocs and I can't wait to see more!!

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C22helios C22helios 3 September 2012

Sorry for not being very active recently

I'll try to get more episodes done, just been busy recently. I'll try to have a episode up by atleast friday.

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C22helios C22helios 3 June 2012

Monsuno Explosion! Character List

This blog is for inserting yourself or other fanfic characters you have in my Monsuno Explosion! Series. (Please read the whole blog before editing, Thank you) 1 edit per person please.

If you want to be in S.T.O.R.M Chasers (The good guys), Edit below and fill in the blanks

Name: Nexus

Age: 15

Gender: Boy

Monsuno(s): Blazewing (Phoenix & Pegasus), Cerberex (Cerberus & T-Rex), Spiderslinger (Spider & Monkey), and Knightgill (Knight & Swordfish)

Personality: Cool, calm, collected, mysterious, willing to do tasks for my own agendas

Appearance: Wears a white mask with no details and a built-in voice box, a black blazer with a gray shirt underneath, metal boots, and a black cape with a hood that covers the top of my head. No physical description avai…

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Kaf2cute Kaf2cute 23 March 2012

Monsuno fanfic

I'm will post part 1 to the Monsuno fanfiction soon. I'm just finding it difficult of what to name it. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. Thank you.

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MonsunoCrazy MonsunoCrazy 13 March 2012

Fanfics anyone?

Hey guys!

This is Natalie here saying don't be scared to add any information to this wiki! It can be related to the show or toys. Info on toys and the show are greatly appreciated. Also, don't be afraid to post fanfics! That is why I made this wiki!!! Can't wait to see some great stuff! Bye! ~Natalie (MonsunoCrazy)

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