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Cameron Kurosaki(キャメロン黒崎, Kyameron Kurosaki) is an ordinary person who doesn't care about winning or losing, He cares about himself and nothing less, his Monsuno. Cameron doesn't have many friends but he has one friend but he went to America to research around the world. He has six Monsuno and His favorite Monsuno is Golzar. He's a hybrid of Sharks and Crocodiles. Golzar and Cameron are good partners and best friends.

His Monsuno is Golzar, I-Rex, Dio Tyrant, Kraken, Sub-Serpent, Mars, and Quick-Striker. He has the best Monsuno in the world and a lot of people call him the Kaiju King because he's the coolest kid in the entire world but not too cool but his Monsuno are the coolest and He needs to get stronger to defeat the Storm and Eklipse.

Cameron Kurosaki

Character History[]


  • Golzar
  • I-Rex
  • Dio Tyrant
  • Kraken
  • Sub-Serpent
  • Quick-Striker


Cameron Kurosaki is an average height that stands at 172 cm (5'8") and weighs at 62 kg (137 lbs). He has unruly short taupe-brown colored hair, with bangs that reach just below his eyes. Kirishiki eyes are asparagus-green in color. Usually after waking up, Kurosaki hair in the state of a mess.