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15-year-old Chase Suno is all confidence and charisma. He is very heroic, clever, and absolutley loves challenges. When we first met him, Chase was coping with the disappearance of his father. This is the catalyst that begins his journey with Monsuno.

But, as Chase learns more about the big picture regarding Monsuno, he must heroically rise to the make a choose realize that his Monsuno and all other Monsuno are living beings that have the right to exist as much as we do. That he and we MUST find a way to coexist and create a symbolic relationship.


Chase looks to be of average height. He has black medium length black hair inherited from his father and teal eyes inherited from his mother. His outfit consists of a thin tight muscle short-sleeve black V-neck mid shoulder-elbow length T-shirt and brown denim pants. His brown denim pants are pulled up to his waist and his shirt is tucked in. He also wears a dark brown belt with a silver rectangular belt buckle and the pant legs are tucked in his black calf-high boots with silver zippers. The outfit is completed with a blue hoodless raised collar jacket with white trims and silver zippers on the sleeves. He also wears a necklace of some sort around his neck given to him at birth by his mother. Chase has a moderately athletic build and pronounced bottom often revealed by his tight-fitting clothes.


"Lock, get 'em!"

"Watch a kaiser at work!"

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