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Chrissy Parker is a 15 year old girl.She wears the goggles on her head when she's on her Monsuno in the air. She has a Monsuno named LionHeart . LionHeart is a blue lion with Bat wings, backlegs of a goat and a tail of a snake.


Chrissy has blond hair and black eyes; she wears goggles when flying on Lionheart’s back. She wears blue jeans, Pink and White spotted pattern short sleeve shirt and has a black choker around her neck. She also wears a short black jacket and Brown/black boots.

Personality []

Chrissy is described as a ditzy and stubborn girl; she often gets aggravated when Lionheart does not listen to her commands in battle. She also has a fear of dark places and doesn’t want to admit it to anyone, often denying it. She talks with a Southern American accent since she was raised on a ranch but at the same time it can confuse others about what she is saying. She is caring to her friends and Monsuno.


Chrissy had a happy normal childhood. She was born and raised with her father and mother on a ranch most of her life, because of that she loves animals. When she was a child she dreams of becoming a veterinarian. She did not have as many friends when she was younger because at the time she was shy, she did however made friends only with the ranch animals.


Chase -Good friends and respects him as the leader of the team. She secretly has a crush on him and is too stubborn to admit it. 

Jinja -

Bren -

Beyal -Good friends.

Dax - Often gets into arguements with him and at first she didnt trust him.



"What's a Monsuno?"

"LionHeart, Launch!"


"This really makes my head spinny"

"Ooh Shiny!"

"If you can take this bull by the horns you better be ready for a ride, Launch Fang!"