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Keira: Catera's childhood best friend

Keira Walker has been Catera's best friend for as long as Catera could remember. Catera and Keira and childhood friends, like Chase and Bren . She has her own Monsuno dubbed Ripper. Ripper is a dragon who is way overprotective of Keira. Ripper also tries hard to protect Team Core-Tech, but wants to protect Keira the most. Keira is 15 years old, just like Catera.


Keira has long black hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a black t-shirt with dark green cargo pants. She also wears large flip flops and likes to wear aviator goggles on her head that used to be her father's before he passed in a plane crash.

Character History

As a young child, Keira loved her family and friends and were very close to them. Keira's father was a pilot and a great one too. But, one night, Mr. Walker's plane was shot down causing Keira's father to die in the process. This tore up Keira emotionally so bad to a point where Keira wouldn't talk to anyone because she loved him so much and was very close to hime. Then, when Keira started Kindergarten, she met her long time best friend. That best friend was none other than Catera Suno. The talked and found they had many similar intrests such as music and art and writing. They were best friends then and are today. That first encounter with each other is why Catera and Keira were so happy to find each other again while Team Core-Tech battled Eklipse.



"Catera watch out!"

"Ripper! Launch!"

"Return now Ripper!"

"Serpent, launch!

"Serpent, return!"

"Bandit launch!"

"Return Bandit!"

"What am I going to do with you Catera Suno?"

"This was over before it started."