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First Appearance Monsuno Explosion! Episode 1

Younger brother of Trent Summers. Is the smart one on the team and the battling style with his Monsuno, Steel Swarm seems to reflect that. Can be a bit paranoid at times. Is 13. He is the less physically able of the two brothers.


Trent: Has a close bond with his brother, but they still fight from time to time

Charlemagne : Has a huge grudge against her and the S.T.O.R.M forces due to a bad past with them.

Steel Swarm: This feeling is shared by both of them. They both are very protective of eachother.

Catera Suno: Is a fan of her dad's work and is determined to help her find Jeredy Suno to get his autograph.

Chase Suno: Looks up to him and is close friends with him.

Augumon: Is thankful for all of the computer programs hard work hacking into systems, so thankful that he would go as far to saying, "Who's a good computer virus? You are!"


Good, uses some Core-Tech cores but mostly use Uprising Incorparations (His dads company) who produce silver and gold cores.


Has pale skin red hair and blue eyes. Wears a black shirt with silver wing printed on the front