Luke is a lost heir to the Casterwell fortune, yet he doesn't look it one bit. He normally wears normal clothes, and while cousin Sophie and her friends are out fighting in the open, Luke will be sneaking around, "borrowing" Amulets or Cores.

Luke normally doesn't use Monsuno, as he feels Titans have more variety. When he does, though, he feels inclined to use his stolen Moonfire, Skysite, or Spiderwolf.

He is quick to anger, and once he has a weapon, he will vent his anger on The Organization or S.T.O.R.M., With catastrophic results for the enemy.

During an attack on a S.T.O.R.M. lab, he discovered a mysterious Monsuno-Titan hybrid, made in a tube. he snatched it's containment sphere, And escaped by driving a flatbed truck with the Core-Tech and Huntik teams in the back.



At first, they had no respect for each other, as if the other was just a tag-along to the team.


The leader of Lukes original team, Lok Lambert is the only one who approves of Lukes "Borrowing" habit...


At first, Luke and Bren hated each other, as Bren doesn't approve of the Casterwell Heir's stealing habits, and Luke just thinks he's annoying.