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This is a story about 2 brothers who hunt down S.T.O.R.M because of their "bad" past involving the government agency.

The Characters:

Trent: The older brother. Is the reckless one, but he makes up for it in the exelent bond he has with his Monsuno, Pheburn. Pheburn is a silver and gold phoenix-like monsuno.

Kevin: The younger brother. He's the smart one and his monsuno, Steel Swarm seems to reflect that. Steel Swarm is a silver snake-like monsuno

Charlemagne: The leader of S.T.O.R.M. Will stop at nothing to capture all monsuno. She uses Driftblade, a black and yellow lion like Monsuno

STORM Agents: Various operatives of S.T.O.R.M. Monsuno vary.

And more!

So with out further ado, here is the first Episode of the story, all in glorious 3D! (LOL i wish)

Kevin) And that's 1 more STORM agent out of the way! Steel Swarm, return! *holds out core and a snake-like monster rushes back into it's core*

Trent) You did good bro. Pheburn, return! *holds out core and a phoenix-like monster rushes back into it's core* Ooh, free cores! *swipes some cores from a STORM operative*

Kevin) you don't plan on taking those do you? They might have trackers or bombs... or tracker bombs in them!

Trent) Relax, they're fine.

Kevin) Ok bro, i'm still not using those cores though.

Trent) *sees a STORM airship* Oh look, a party.

Multiple STORM agents) Launch! *They throw cores to the ground and airsites comeout*

Kevin) Reinforcements already? That's a new record... *Writes something down in a book*

Trent) Pheburn, Launch! *throws core at a nearby wall and a phoenix comes out of the core*

Kevin) Steel Swarm, Launch! *throws core at nearby rock and a snake comes out of the core*

  • Battle begins*

Trent) Wing Embers!

Pheburn) SCREEEE! *flaps wings and silvery embers are shot at all opposing Monsuno, damaging them*

Kevin) Poison Glare!

Steel Swarm) *Eyes glow purple and all opposing Monsuno are poisoned and are returned to their cores*

Kevin) Too easy!

Kevin & Trent) What's that?!

Charlemagne) *Jumps from airship* Driftblade, Launch! *throws her core at a wall, and Driftblade emerges from the core*

Trent) Whadda you know? The STORM head honcho herself. Pheburn, you know what to do!

Kevin) You too Steel Swarm!

  • Both Monsunos charge into Driftblade, but a yellow shield protects Driftblade*

Pheburn's Core) 10% Health remaining

Steel Swarm's Core) 8% Health remaining

Kevin) We're doomed.

Trent) Who's that? *points in the distance*

???) Need some help?

You can be ??? ! You might be asking, well how do I do that? Simple!

Step 1. Go to my talk page

Step 2. Enter character name, personality, monsuno etc.

Step 3. Read the next episode and see if you're chosen!

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 2