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(The next day)

Kevin) I packed our Cores, my hacking device, Trent's explosives, and everything else we need.

Chase) Good. The Eklipse hideout is nearby. Jinja, Bren, Beyal and Dax are waiting for us there.

Catera) Let's head out! Nocturna, Launch! *throws a core and a massive owl bursts out of the core*

Trent) Nice.

All) *Gets on Nocturna as it starts flying*

(20 minutes later)

Eklipse Anti-air operator) Monsuno controllers! You are in unauthorized airspace! turn around or we'll shoot you out of the skies!

Trent) They can't have monsuno, can they?

Chase) Worse. They have..

  • Red lasers start hitting us as Chase says, "LASERS!"


Catera) The bad guys always get the good stuff DX

Trent) I got this. *Throws his core and Pheburn comes out*

  • Trent jumps on Pheburn*

Trent) Blazing Overdrive!

Pheburn) SCREEE! *Breathes a stream of fire on the lasers*

Chase) You DO relize that we can't go in stealthily now. Right?

Trent) My bad.

Kevin) You really need to think things through next time DX

Catera) I found a blind spot we can land in! Follow me! *Directs Nocturna towards the blind spot

Trent) *Follows*

Trent and Catera) *lands* Return! *Nocturna and Pheburn return to their cores*

Chase) Great. A locked door

Kevin) Locked doors are no match for Augumon, The computer virus! *boots up his hacking device and loads a program called "Augumon"*

Augumon) Hello master! What can i hack for you today?

Kevin) I need you to hack that door and find the code to open it.

Augumon) I'll get right on it master! *hooks himself up to the door*

Eklipse Memebers) Freeze! *holds out cores*

Chase) We have no choice but to fight them. *Holds out Lock's Core*

Kevin) I need to work Augumon, you keep them busy!

Trent) I really hate these scenarios.*holds out Pheburn's core*

Catera) I know, Right? *hold's out Bandit's core*

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 4