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Eklipse Members) Launch! *Throws cores and a Moonfire, Poisonwing and Snapclaw come out*

Catera, Chase and Trent) Launch! *Throws cores and Pheburn, Lock and Bandit come out*

(Insert epic battle lasting 5 minutes here)

Chase, Trent and Catera) Return! *Monsuno return to their cores*

Kevin) Augumon, You finished hacking that door?

Augumon) Affirmative! The passcode is 1234!

Trent) Wow.

Kevin) *Inputs Passcode*

  • all run into the building*

???) Psst, Chase, in the airvent!

Chase) Bren why are you up there?

Bren) Dax Said we should hide in the airvents.

Jinja) But... it was a terrible idea because these vents a freezing and it's cramped up.

Beyal) Dax, I can predict we might get spotted. Just give them the blue prints of the area already.

Dax) I was getting to that. *Hands Trent a blue print of the building*

Trent) Thanks.

Chase) You guys go outside, i'll meet you there.

Bren) Ok! *starts crawling through the vents with the others*

Catera) Dad should be here. *points at room in the blueprint*

Kevin) Then let's get going!

(10 minutes later)

Chase) We're here. *walks through door*

Catera) There's a bunch of monsuno essence but no sign of dad.

Trent) *Sees a Holoviewer and presses the button*

Dr. Jeredy Suno) Catera, Chase, If you are seeing this, you have made it into the Eklipse hideout and have gotten pass the guards. Good job! I left Catera some Monsuno essence on this table. I got it from a friend of mine, Mr. Summers.

Kevin) That's our dad! *picks up essence* This is... I don't remember which monsuno it was. Trent? *Passes it to Trent

Trent) This is Moonshine I believe. *hands it to Catera*

Catera) *Puts essence in a core, and it turns silver* Thanks Dad! Er.. technically it belonged to Mr. Summers, so therefore it belongs to Trent and Kevin so... Thanks Guys!

  • Alarm goes off*

Kevin) *tripped a laser wire* KRAG KRAG KRAG!

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 5