Jon Ace)Hand over the Monsuno and no one gets hurt.

Commander Trey)If you don't yield, we will have no choice but to take them from you.

S.T.O.R.M Elite 1) What's your choice?

Trent) *Grins* Pheburn, Return!

Pheburn) *Rushes back to it's core*

Catera) What are you doing?

Trent) Just play along.

Champion) Worst idea ever. Hydrafyre, Return!

All S.T.O.R.M Agents) Return! *All the Monsuno go back into the cores*

Jon Ace) Now put your hands behind your back.

Kevin) Are you trying to get us killed?!

Trent) *Puts hands behind back while secretly putting Monsuno essence in the core he swiped from the S.T.O.R.M agents a while back* Wait for it... *Core turns blue* *Grins* Launch! *throws core and a 3-Headed dog comes out*

Cerebruiser) RAWR!

Commander Trey) He tricked us!

Champion) *glares at Cerebruiser* Nice.

Kevin) Where'd you get the essence?

Catera) He probably swiped it from that room in the Eklipse Hideout

Trent) Yup. *looks at Kevin* And you say i'm terrible at working out plans.

Commander Trey) *Loads Riccoshot, Blackbullet, and 3 Airsites into at launcher*

Champion Catera and Kevin) *Ready their Monsunos*

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 9