Cerebruiser) *fires a blast of flames at the Airsites*

S.T.O.R.M Elites) Airsite, Return! *A flash of gold light appears, and the Monsuno return to the cores*

Trent) Nice. Let's see what else you can do. Styx Assualt!

Cerebruiser) RAWR!!!! *A blue river sucks in Riccoshot*

Commander Trey) Help me out here Ace!

Ace) No. After I saw what you and S.T.O.R.M do to Monsuno, I decided to defect. Blackbullet Sonic Strike!

Black Bullet) SCREE! *Builds up speed, then rams into Riccoshot and returns it to it's core*

Kevin) Did Ace really just defect?

Catera) Apparently he did.

Champion) Who cares? He's on our side now.

All) Return! *all monsuno come back to the cores*

Trey) Don't let him get away!

Ace) Don't worry, I got a helicopter nearby. We can fly away in it!

  • Ace, Kevin, Catera, Trent and Champion run to the helicopter*

Trent) So, you never did tell us your real name Champion.

Kevin) Yeah, what is it?

Champion) Cody. Cody Firestorm

Catera) Nice last name. *Sarcasm*


Ace) The helicopter's up ahead! Hurry!

  • S.T.O.R.M Units surround the helicopter*

Ace) You guys hold them off while I start the helicopter! *punches some guys out of the way and starts warming up the engine*

Cody) Do you guys get into situations like this alot?

Trent) Yeah. Pretty much.